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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Vero in New Zealand?

Email Send us an email. Call Call us 0800 438 372 free within New Zealand. Call Call us +64 9 363 3959 outside of New Zealand. You can find the latest media releases from Vero in our Newsroom.

What's the priority for Vero Insurance New Zealand?

The health and safety of our people, partners and customers remains our priority, whilst we continue to process your claims and get the work done on your property or vehicle as quickly and effectively as possible. Here are some things to be aware of while we process your claim:

Who is the insurance company for New Zealand?

Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited (Vero) is the insurer that provides these insurance policies. Once you’ve purchased your insurance policy, you’ll deal with Vero for the ongoing management of your insurance and for any claims you need to make.

How to make a claim with ANZ insurance?

Call Vero on 0800 831 123 with any questions about your existing policy. Use the online Claims Portal to lodge your claim. Call Vero on 0800 269 252. International: +64 9 363 4192 (toll charges apply). From 12 March 2021, ANZ is no longer involved in ANZ general insurance provided by Tower. What else do you need to protect?

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