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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Kentucky's Vietnam veterans now?

Kentucky’s Vietnam Veterans live and work in every part of the Commonwealth. They are still serving by serving their communities. We continue to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. That Commemoration began on Memorial Day in 2012.

Is there a free website for the VA department of Kentucky?

Designed to help grow you membership, this FREE Website that is Synced with National, for your Post / District* / Department, is chock full of tools that are easy to use. Welcome to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Kentucky Homepage!

Are there any veterans in Kentucky who died in Afghanistan?

Veterans interred here include three service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. One hundred and fifteen of Kentucky’s own died in the War on Terror. Their names and hometowns are kept in our document Lest We Forget, which you can read on our website,

What is Kentucky's flagship State Veterans Cemetery?

For a Better Kentucky. Patriot Day I was proud today to welcome everyone to Kentucky’s flagship State Veterans Cemetery, KVCCentral here in Radcliff for the Fort Knox Cadet Command 9/11 Memorial Ceremony. Since opening in June 2007, KVCC has interred more than 7,000 veterans and their dependents.

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