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Frequently Asked Questions

How to engage with gamers on social media?

Social media isn’t about outright selling, gamers will see right through it and avoid it. To engage with gamers on social media you need a video game marketing strategy designed to build a relationship with them through your social media game content.

Why is it important to know about social networking in gaming?

With the rise of multiplayer games alongside social networking in gaming, children can speak to friends and people they may not know while they’re gaming. To help them stay safe it is important to understand what these social gaming platforms are and help them to understand how to chat safely online without putting themselves at risk.

How are video games a source of social support?

Although steps should be taken to ensure children’s safety online, online video games are a large part of the lives of young people and should be recognized as a source of social support. Bessiere K, Kiesler S, Kraut R, et al. (2012) Longitudinal effects of Internet uses on depressive affect: a social resources approach.

How does social media affect the video game industry?

What this all culminates in is more momentum for the video game industry as a whole. More funding from producers, more risks taken by developers, more creativity from designers, and overall more games to enjoy and learn from. RTA902 (Social Media) Insights from a class of disruptors, innovators, artists…

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