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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of movies are in Bendigo Cinemas?

Rated M (Mature themes and action violence), 134 mins Rated PG (Mild themes and coarse language), 96 mins Rated PG (Mild science fiction themes and animated violence), 80 mins Rated PG (Mild themes, violence and sense of threat), 134 mins Please note: Movies, times & release dates are subject to change without notice.

Where are the Village Cinemas Gold Class located?

By July 1999, Gold Class had already expanded to three auditoriums in Village Cinemas at Westfield Southland; two at Century City Walk; three at Sunshine Marketplace; and one at The Jam Factory.

Where was the village cinema in Melbourne located?

A former four-screen Village Cinema on Bourke Street in the Melbourne CBD. It operated from 1986 to 2006, with Village Roadshow's headquarters located in the upper levels (the HQ has since been relocated to The Jam Factory near their other cinemas).

Who are the owners of the village cinema in Fiji?

Within Fiji, Damodar Village Cinemas is a joint venture between Australian-based, Amalgamated Holdings Limited, and the Fijian-based, Damodar Brothers, who operate the existing two-cinema chain under licence since 2010.

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