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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners of the Village Cinemas?

In 2003, the company formed a joint venture, Australian Theatres, with Amalgamated Holdings Limited, owners of Greater Union and several other cinema brands. The original founding business, Village Cinemas, is part of the joint venture.

Where did Village Roadshow and Village Cinemas come from?

In 1954, the company origins of Village Roadshow and Village Cinemas came from the foundation in one of Australia's first drive-in theatre operations in Croydon, an outer Eastern suburb of Melbourne (Melbourne's third drive-in, but only the fourth in the entire country), established by Roc Kirby.

When did the first Village Cinemas open in Melbourne?

The first joint-venture multiplex opened in Melbourne's Airport West as 'Village Greater Union 8' in 1989. In 1995, Village Roadshow added a new retail format from the creation of joint-venture, Village Nine Leisure, with Publishing & Broadcasting Limited and Westfield Holdings, to open a string of 'virtual entertainment' shops known as, Intencity.

When did the Village Theatre get a new screen?

For “The Deer Hunter” engagement, the Village Theatre got new 70mm projection equipment, a new larger screen, and a new main title waterfall curtain. The old screen was half as tall as it is today. The theatre also got a new, less flattering carpet in the early-1980’s.

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