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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the first Village Cinema in Sydney?

It was the first key city centre multiplex in Sydney, with seating provided for 650, 450 and 300. Village Cinema City presented films distributed by Warner Bros aligned studios, Independent, Australian productions and Roadshow Film distributors.

When did the village cinema in London open?

Village Cinema City was expanded to five screens premiering “White Line Fever” after the adjoining building on the George Street south west wall was demolished to become two small auditoriums. Cinemas 4 and 5 opened on the 18th March 1976 and had seating for 250 and 200.

How many cinema screens are there in Australia?

Village Cinemas is one of Australia's largest cinema operators, and combined with joint venture partner Event Hospitality & Entertainment Limited has nearly 600 screens across 58 sites across all Australian states.

What kind of Business is the village cinema?

Today the division operates under the Village Entertainment brand and includes the Village Cinemas and Intencity businesses and is continuing to diversify into a range of dynamic entertainment offerings including premium bar concepts and standalone food and beverage brands such as Chef's Gourmet popcorn.

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