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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Village Roadshow theme park app work?

• Purchase new park tickets, Fast Track and any extras. • Detailed locations, interactive maps of all theme parks and venues. • Use filters to sort and find by park, ride types, shows, dining and shopping. • Follow the way finder for step-by-step directions to your points of interest.

How do I order tickets from Village Roadshow?

If you have the purchase/order details handy, simply type the ORDER ID number & use the app email account to enter. Note: Using either option is available, the only difference is when adding by barcode it adds each individual ticket, per scan. Entering ORDER details will retrieve all of the order tickets, passes, extras etc.

How are barcodes added to Village Roadshow app?

Purchases made via selected third parties (example Experience Oz, Get Your Guide, Entertainment Publications) where an individual barcode is displayed (these are usually a unique 18-digit numerical string) can be added directly into the App prior to arrival.

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