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Frequently Asked Questions

What was BGH's offer for Village Roadshow?

BGH has put forward a non-binding $2.40 per share offer for Village Roadshow and entered exclusive due diligence on May 18, beating out prospective buyer Pacific Equity Partners, which had offered only liquidity amid the uncertainty surrounding theme parks and cinemas during the pandemic.

Who are the new owners of Village Roadshow?

The takeover of Village Roadshow by private equity group BGH Capital is set to be confirmed by shareholders following the Village Roadshow board having recommended the sale at $3 a share. The deal will see control of the firm, founded in 1954 with the opening of a drive-in cinema, move from the Kirby family to the Melbourne-based equity fund.

What was the court decision on Village Roadshow?

An Australian federal court on Tuesday gave its approval for a takeover of Village Roadshow Limited by private investors after a year-long battle that saw the company’s value rollercoaster almost as much as its theme park rides.

When does Village Roadshow open on Gold Coast?

Village's major Gold Coast theme parks, Wet'n'Wild, Warner Bros. Movie World and Sea World, reopened in June and July.

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