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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Village Roadshow Pictures distribute its movies?

Village Roadshow Pictures self-distributes its film entertainment through affiliates in several territories around the world, including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Who are the owners of Roadshow Home Video?

Background: Roadshow Entertainment (formerly "Roadshow Home Video") was formed by a merger with Australian film distributor Roadshow Films (Australia) and Australian cinema chain Village Cinemas.

What was the logo for Roadshow in 1979?

On very early tapes, such as The Fifth Musketeer and the very first release of Mad Max, the 1979 Roadshow Films logo animates as normal. Basically, "HOME VIDEO" is in red (like variant 2), ("Roadshow" reverses on to Australia, "The Australian Company" appears), and "HOME VIDEO" zooms out.

Why did the company Village Roadshow change its name?

In 1988, Village Roadshow took over De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, which brought on a change of name: Village Roadshow Limited. This allowed the company to raise more capital to fund further expansion.

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