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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Village Roadshow start making movies?

Village Roadshow Pictures is a leading independent producer and financier of major Hollywood motion pictures, having produced and released 100+ films since its establishment in 1997.

Who are the Home Entertainment Partners of Village Roadshow?

In addition to theatrical partners, the company's home entertainment relationships include the ABC, and free to air networks (including digital and multi-channels) and subscription video on demand platforms.

When did Village Roadshow Pictures co finance Annie?

In 2012, Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures had extended their co-financing first look deal through 2017. In May 2014, VRPG established a supplementary co-financing production deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment which commenced with the release of The Equalizer and Annie.

How many sound stages are in Village Roadshow Studios?

Situated adjacent to the Warner Bros. Movie World Theme Park, the Studios offer world-class film production facilities comprising of nine Sound Stages, three water tanks, ten production offices, editing suites, wardrobe, makeup, construction, paint and carpentry shops.

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