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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Village Roadshow start making movies?

Village Roadshow Pictures is a leading independent producer and financier of major Hollywood motion pictures, having produced and released 100+ films since its establishment in 1997.

Who is the parent company of Village Roadshow?

Village Roadshow has scaled back its international cinema markets to Australia and Singapore. The company merged its Village Roadshow Pictures arm with Concord Music Group to form a Los Angeles-based diversified entertainment division, Village Roadshow Entertainment Group.

When did Village Roadshow Pictures co finance Annie?

In 2012, Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures had extended their co-financing first look deal through 2017. In May 2014, VRPG established a supplementary co-financing production deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment which commenced with the release of The Equalizer and Annie.

How many Academy Awards did Village Roadshow win?

The films in the Village Roadshow library have achieved 34 number one U.S. box office openings and received 50 Academy Award nominations, 19 Academy Awards and six Golden Globe Awards.

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