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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NY violation?

Violations | New York Penal Law. "Violation" means an offense, other than a "traffic infraction", for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment in excess of fifteen days cannot be imposed.

What is a violation citation?

The violation is a reference to the traffic law you are charged with breaking; the citation is the document that notifies you of the charges and sets out your options.

What are traffic violations?

A "traffic violation" refers to a category of offenses related to people not obeying state or local motor vehicle laws. While the less serious offenses are considered minor traffic violations.

What is a ticket violation?

A citation or ticket is a summons issued by law enforcement to somebody breaking traffic laws . Tickets and citations are documents that charge you with a violation of traffic law. For example, when a police officer pulls you over for running a stop sign, they will give you a document outlining the violation. This is the citation or ticket.

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