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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Visage?

"Visage" can refer to the face of a person or an animal, and it can also refer to the appearance of nonliving things, as in "the dirty visage of the old abandoned factory." Recent Examples on the Web At several points in the movie, Steppenwolf conferences with a molten visage of a being named Desaad.

What does hamlet say about women in Act 3 Scene 1?

Hamlet Act 3, scene 1 Summary & Analysis. Hamlet's hatred of women seems to have made him self-destructively crazy. (Here he reveals his plans to kill someone!) In particular, Hamlet hates that women hide the reality of their faces behind makeup: it makes beauty dishonest, hiding age (and death) behind a pleasant mask.

How does hamlet feel about death?

Hamlet is worried that in death’s “sleep” he might dream, but he longs for complete oblivion from all the horrible things in life: pain, oppression, corruption, and exhaustion. He laments that his fear of all the unknowns of death has made a “coward” of him. Hamlet stops himself, however, when he sees Ophelia.

What are some good quotes from Act 2 of Hamlet?

ACT 2. SC. 2 daughter that I love passing well. HAMLET Nay, that follows not. POLONIUS What follows then, my lord? more, for look where my abridgment comes. Enter the Players. old friend! Why, thy face is valanced since I saw thee last.

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