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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Dolores in Visage?

Here is a full guide for all locations, key items and story chapter Dolores in Visage game. – Attic (Need Far Reaching Hook to access.) – Study (May be locked shut until story chapter progress.) – Mirror Room (Need Mirror Room Key to access.)

What happens in the second chapter of Visage?

In the second chapter of Visage, players enter a series of mirrors and solve puzzles to learn what happened to Dolores and her family in that house. Players experience the story of Visage very slowly and often not in chronological order.

What to expect in Dolores Chapter 2 of Resident Evil Revelations?

Events and memories are revealed in flashes, and players will need to solve difficult puzzles to learn more and progress the story further. In Chapter 2, Dolores's chapter, players will find themselves inside a twisted dream filled with mirrors. Many of the mirrors act as portals that lead players to different locations in and around the home.

How would you describe the physical appearance of Dolores?

Dolores has an elderly appearance and wears a night gown. Her face shows a blank expression that shows no emotion. She appears to be very slim and haggard in her hygiene, perhaps due to her failing mental / physical health.

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