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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Visage?

Established in 1981 Visage has created a reputation for quality, innovation and competitiveness in the UK and European retail clothing market. Providing a breadth of services from design to manufacturing and distribution, Visage offers quality clothing at exceptional value accompanied by the best in customer service.

What does Visage energy do?

On a variety of energy projects, Visage Energy has functioned as a project manager/facilitator among multiple stakeholders to ensure that the interests and concerns of all the participants in an energy project are addressed. The key goal is to harmonize the interests of the developer, the off taker, and the investor.

What are the requirements of Visage textiles?

Visitors are required to use hand sanitizer and socially distance. Mask wearing is at visitor discretion. High visibility wear is also required and will be provided. New and Existing customers can register online to buy our products. Get them first by pre-ordering your fabrics with Visage Textiles.

Why choose visvisage energy?

Visage Energy and its strategic partners combine broad and technical expertise in the clean energy project development with an extensive background in business and financing for Renewable Energy, Energy Storage and other Preferred Energy Resources projects to identify and mitigate key technical and business risks.

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