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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the visage Pro Series electric rotary Shaver?

The Visage Pro Series Electric Rotary Shaver is a pretty good shaver, and it worked well. Unfortunately, it had a simple problem that all razors inevitably have — the blades wore out — and there was no solution to that problem available from the manufacturer

What is included in the visage Pro-Series nose&hair Trimmer?

The Visage Pro-Series Nose & Hair Trimmer comes with the main trimmer, a trimmer attachment, a contour attachment, a base, a cap and a single AAA battery. It also includes a manual and a three-year warranty.

How much is the visage Pro-Series rotary Shaver at Aldi?

The Visage Pro-Series Rotary Shaver is an ALDI Find, which means it’s only around for a short time. In 2019, the shaver retailed for $14.99. I’ve bought rotary shavers for years, and I almost never see shavers anywhere close to this price point, not even during sales.

How does the visage rotary razor work?

If you’re familiar at all with rotary shavers, using the Visage will be pretty standard stuff. The razor head, for example, pops open with a spring-loaded button, allowing access to the inside to run water through it. (Like most razors, the manual cautions against submerging the razor in water.) That’s great. So how does it perform?

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