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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guide for Visage single player?

This guide covers all aspects of Visage, including a complete walkthrough of the single player story mode. The guide also has an Achievements section listing all achievements in full detail.

How do you get to the progress room in Visage?

Collect Lucy’s Bottom Jaw from the sink in order to fully complete this area. PROGRESS ITEMS: At the end of each chapter of Visage, you’ll get an item that will signify that the chapter is complete. Once you pick up the item, it will disappear and can be found in the Progress Room.

What happens in the second chapter of Visage?

In the second chapter of Visage, players enter a series of mirrors and solve puzzles to learn what happened to Dolores and her family in that house. Players experience the story of Visage very slowly and often not in chronological order.

How do you solve the mirror puzzles in Visage Chapter 2?

They will need to solve the puzzles in order and hold onto any items they find for use in subsequent puzzles. Here is the solution to all 11 mirror puzzles in Visage Chapter 2. During this level, players will need to follow an umbilical cord into a hidden, dark room with only a circle of mirrors in the center.

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