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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Microsoft Visual Studio cost?

Audio-visual content development solution designed for small to midsize businesses that enables them to create apps and games for android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web, and cloud-based platforms. Microsoft Visual Studio pricing starts at $14.95 per user, per month. There is a free version. Microsoft Visual Studio offers a free trial.

How do I run Visual Studio?

To run your program Use one of the following methods to run your program. Visual Studio runs your program, and a window called Form1 appears. Go back to the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), and look at the new toolbar. Use one of the following methods to stop your program.

How do I connect Visual Studio to Azure?

Open your visual studio first. Open Server Explorer to connect SQL Azure Database. Right click on Data Connections and add Connections, then there is a window, fill all the details and copy the Server Name from Database Dashboard in Azure web portal and paste in this window.

Does MSBuild require Visual Studio?

Visual Studio doesn't need to be installed. MSBuild is part of the .net SDK. Other .net dependencies will need to be installed though, if you are using them. MSTest, or anything that is part of Team foundation will require Visual Studio installed.

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