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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the kids definition of the word voyage?

voyage. verb. voyaged; voyaging. Kids Definition of voyage (Entry 2 of 2) : to take a long trip usually by boat The explorers voyaged to distant lands.

What are the goals of Voyage LA Magazine?

One of our goals at Voyage is to encourage others to start independent, non-corporate, non-VC backed media publications. We think the... As a New Yorker of the last 10 years, I would often visit Los Angeles and spend time in Koreatown.

What do you need to know about voyage media?

Theory #1: Voyage Media is a content farm. They use artists’ responses to create fake social media profiles. This is easy to do with the information and types of images they ask for: background story, profile picture, action/portfolio photos, events, advice for other artists, five friends. Theory #2: Voyage Media is a bot farm.

What was the purpose of the first voyage?

—, 7 July 2021 Also on board is a small science sub-crew taking the opportunity to study the oceans and wildlife on such an unusual voyage. — Brad Templeton, Forbes, 6 July 2021 And up until a few weeks ago, Kerr was unsure if this maiden voyage was a good idea.

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