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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the vs Steve mod for You?

Yes you! Do you like MINECRAFT and Friday Night Funkin'? Then this mod is for you! The Vs Steve mod includes cool stuff like 6 brand new Songs, Fancy Arrow Textures, a bunch of new Characters AND MUCH MORE!!

Who is Steve in Minecraft?

Steve is a character from the popular game Minecraft. Steve is a light-brown skinned cube human with brown hair and he has Brown eyes. He wears a Texedo suit, dark-blue pants and grey boots. Steve is one of the main protagonist in the hit Mojang Video Game known as Minecraft.

What is a Stevea mod?

A mod based on the man himself, Minecraft Steve! Battle him in 3 noteblock-themed songs in a small forest village! And a 3rd song! This mod has been in development for a few months now, starting off as a 2 man team, but it slowly risen to a sizable team, we pretty much got all of the assets re-done. can I make a playable version of this?

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