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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 5.11 VTAC 2 point sling work?

The 5.11 VTAC 2-Point Sling allows the shooter to adjust the overall length of the sling for rapid transitions from strong side to support side, and back. By pulling the free-running end of this 5.11 Combat Sling you can snug your rifle up to your body, and by pulling the release you can easily release the sling to its original length.

When to use the Viking tactics VTAC sling?

The design of this sling really stands out when you are doing things like shooting under barriers, transitioning to pistol, transitioning to go hands on, going over, under, or around obstacles quickly. The beauty of the design is that it requires almost no thought or effort to use quickly while distracted or in motion.

Where can I buy a Vickers tactical sling?

The item is listed as a Vickers Tactical sling made in the USA. It is anything but that. It is a 5.11 Tactical knock off made behind enemy lines in CHINA. See pictures for reference. Cheap, thin nylon webbing and poor quality stitching.

Can a sling be used as a shooting aid?

Quick adjustment is awesome. This thing is an incredible shooting aid if used to stabilize your shooting platform. I used this during a week long shooting course, and I absolutely love it! Awesome sling! Edit: forgot to add that any sling is useful as a shooting aid, but I tested and based my review on a tactical course.

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