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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Wacoal?

To this end, Wacoal has used extensive research to produce beautiful, high-quality bras and lingerie for women in every stage of their lives, while incorporating fair labor practices. New! New! New! New! New!

Why choose winwacoal Europe?

Wacoal Europe are specialists in designing and manufacturing high quality, fashion conscious lingerie and bra-sized swimwear. We are leaders in the A-K cup, 28-48 back size intimate apparel market, offering a whole family of brands, each with their own personality and position in the market.

What is the history of the company winwacoal?

Wacoal was founded in Japan in 1946 by Koichi Tsukamoto. His goal was to bring beautiful intimate apparel that would offer a higher level of quality and innovation than was currently available in the market to women across the globe.

Why choose Wacoal lingerie?

Women are deeply intuitive about what real beauty is, and Wacoal matches their discerning desire for exquisite lingerie that enhances their sense of self. Those who appreciate meticulous craftsmanship find true pleasure in wearing Wacoal’s contemporary designs, which exude understated sophistication.

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