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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a Wacom tablet?

8 Reasons Why You Need a Wacom Tablet Pressure Sensitivity. For many users of the Wacom Tablet, this reason alone is more than enough to want to make the switch. Absolute Positioning. There is a misconception that there is a learning curve when using a Wacom tablet. ... No Batteries Required for Stylus. ... Express Keys. ... Touch Ring. ... Pinch and Zoom - And the other great features of Multi Touch. ... More items...

How do I use the Wacom tablet?

Connect the Wacom tablet using the included USB cable directly to an open port on your laptop or desktop computer. Obtain the latest driver for your tablet by visiting the Wacom website and navigating the Driver Downloads page. Locate the driver for you tablet and download it to your computer.

How do I calibrate my Wacom tablet?

Click the "Start" option to launch the tiled Start screen. Click the Wacom app tile, and then choose "Wacom tablet properties.". Choose "Grip pen" from the Tools menu. Click the "Calibrate" tab, then select "Calibrate" to start the calibration process.

What does a Wacom Bamboo tablet do?

The Wacom Bamboo Tablet is a PC input device that allows you to use both your fingers and a pen to manipulate your computer's onscreen cursor. The relatively low price point of the Bamboo makes it an entry level tablet accessible to many people.

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