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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to tour Chicago Architecture?

This 90-minute tour takes a comprehensive look at the city’s architectural history by viewing buildings in chronological order, from early skyscrapers to new supertall high rises. Chicago is home to some of the world’s earliest skyscrapers.

Where can I Go Walking in Chicago for free?

Join Free Tours by Foot as we venture through one of Chicago’s well-known neighborhoods, Lincoln Park. Famous for hidden gems, hired guns, and hot guitars, our guide will lead you through the neighborhood to view the unique and residential streets. Free Tours by Foot is pleased to present the best pay-what-you-like guided Chicago walking tours.

What is a Chicago walking tour?

Our premiere Chicago walking tours are great day or night and serve as introductions to the city, Chicago history and cover the many of the main tourist attractions.

What are the different styles of Gothic architecture in Chicago?

*Premier Tour: Chicago is home to several styles of Gothic Architecture: French, English, Castellated, Collegiate, German, Spanish and Venetian, found in more than 90 structures scattered throughout the city. This tour highlights numerous examples of… …

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