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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WalletHub and how does it work?

According to Web reports, WalletHub initially positioned itself as a “personal finance social network” with a focus on reviews for financial advisors. WalletHub offers free consumer tools, such as its WalletLiteracy Quiz and its Financial Fitness Tool, which provides users with credit reports, scores and monitoring.

Is WalletHub a good tool for checking your credit score?

WalletHub is a good tool for checking your credit score, monitoring your credit report, and learning more about personal finance, despite its limitations. PCMag editors select and review products independently.

What is walletwallethub credit monitoring?

WalletHub is one of the popular players when it comes to credit monitoring. This service, which operates as a website and mobile app, will give you access to your credit score and report — all without you needing to pay a dime.

What information can I See on my WalletHub report?

WalletHub’s report lists information about your loans, lines of credit, and collection accounts. You’ll also be able to see biographical data, such as your name and address, as well as public records, such as bankruptcy or child support.

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