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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walthers make N scale models?

Walthers N offers accurate and colorful N scale locomotive and rolling stock models that operate well and add variety to any N scale layout. Walthers also serves the N scale market with a wide variety of Cornerstone structure kits and SceneMaster containers and accessories.

What is a 933 Walthers structure?

Walthers Cornerstone (933) Walthers Cornerstone ® Series line of structure kits and accessories provides you with the largest assortment of realistic, easy-to-assemble North American structures in both HO and N scales, plus bridges, turntables, and other accessories that will bring your layout to life.

What structures can I find for my Ho or N scale?

When you search for structures for your HO, N or O Scale layout you’ll find everything from houses to businesses and bridges to help your railroad tell its story.

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