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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of magazine is wargames, soldiers and strategy?

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy is a bi-monthly magazine with a different theme in each issue (plus lots of other content as well). It includes painting instructions, loads of scenarios, product reviews, and guides to playing a wide variety of periods regardless of experience or budget.

Which is the best magazine for gaming news?

Gaming news, previews of popular games, popular movie reviews- this magazine has it all. Their website also contains a forum where discussions can take place between gamers. It is one of a kind magazine that gives the reader options to explore various platform choices. 8. Games World of Puzzles

Are there any Vietnam War war games illustrated?

Blam! Vietnam Vietnam war Wargames Illustrated Western Front Wi Wild West Zombies New from Offensive Miniatures, an addition to their Elite catalogue, it’s a “Jedburgh” Team. This set of four figures joins the Offensive Miniatures British Paras range and represents the teams of specialists who parachuted into France during WW2.

Which is the best issue of miniature wargames?

In A People’s War we have the table top conclusion of a game for Rebels & Patriots and – along with all the usual news and reviews – we have a tribute to Duncan Macfarlane. Get your FREE Sample issue of Miniature Wargames today!

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