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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Warehouse Direct for office supplies?

No matter where your office is, at your workplace or a home office, Warehouse Direct (WD) has all the products and services you need to have high productivity. From your writing utensils to an intricate filing system, we simplify your workplace solutions in our one-stop shop. Our office supply highlights include:

Does Warehouse Direct USA offer 30 day terms on work orders?

At no point either before I accepted the work order or since has anyone from Warehouse Direct USA notified me of 30 day terms. Also, they have never said anything about needing a statement of satisfaction from the mutual customer.

What is SRSR Warehouse Direct doing with outstanding invoices?

SR Warehouse Direct USA, Inc. Response 11/16/2020 We have yet to receive notification from our mutual customer all work was satisfied. We will continue to reach out to our customer to obtain the required information. Our claims department generally processes all outstanding invoices & payments within the net 30 day terms.

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