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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Warehouse Direct?

No need to worry, Warehouse Direct (WD) has a solution that we have implemented with a customer to provide social distancing without completely reinventing their workspace: transparent shields in cubicle spaces. July 28, 2020 By Genevieve Rahman Furniture, Interiors & Design COVID19, Furniture, Workplace 1 Comment Read more...

Is the warehouse at the center of your business?

The warehouse is at the center of your business. It’s the key hub through which nearly everything in your business must pass—from raw materials and finished goods in a manufacturing plant, to pallets and cases in a distribution center, to a wealth of products in a retail warehouse.

What makes a warehouse more efficient and efficient?

When mobility is extended throughout your warehouse, new levels of efficiency, accuracy and visibility can be achieved. Ponderous paper processes are replaced by real-time computerized forms on mobile computers. Barcode scanning, including 1D and 2D, enables checking and double-checking that the right items are being picked, packed and shipped.

How does RFID work in a warehouse system?

RFID provides automatic tracking of materials and assets without human intervention. You can move from automation in a single process to a broad integration of the latest technologies across all of your warehouse processes.

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