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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best warehouse locations in Detroit?

Located near I-94 and the Detroit Metro Airport, the Romulus warehouse is 286,000 sq. ft. This facility is a multi-use facility with both rack space and bulk space making it a very flexible warehouse space for a variety of commodities. Summer is coming to an end which means retailers and supply chains need to start preparing for the holidays.

How many Michigan warehouses are for lease or rent?

394 Michigan Warehouses listings for lease or rent displayed of over 500,000 total Commercial Real Estate Properties for Sale and for Lease on This 108,000 SF manufacturing and warehouse facility offers the rare opportunity to be occupied immediately or the possibility of expanding by up...

How big is the Evans warehouse in Detroit?

This 404,000 sq. ft. warehouse and office building was constructed in 1970 and has served as our warehousing, transportation, staffing, fulfillment and value-added flagship operation. The Fort Street location is Evans' largest facility in Detroit at 640,000 sq. ft.

Where is the hazmat warehouse in Detroit Michigan?

This two-story warehouse is close to the U.S.-Canadian border and the Ambassador Bridge, and in very close proximity to I-96, I-94, I-75, M10, M1, M12, M3, the Port of Detroit, and three major rail yards. The Mt. Elliott location is Evans' hazmat warehouse.

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