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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default directory for the hive warehouse?

By default, MapR configures the Hive warehouse directory to be /user/hive/warehouse under the root volume. This default is defined in the $HIVE_HOME/conf/hive-default.xml.

Where can I find a complete warehouse management guide?

Warehouse Management PDF: A Complete Guide WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT A COMPLETE GUIDE FOR RETAILERS CONTENTS 1. What is warehouse management?

What is spark warehouse directory in spark?

Warehouse Directory is the base directory where directories related to databases, tables go by default. It is controlled by spark.sql.warehouse.dir. You can get the value by saying SET spark.sql.warehouse.dir; Do not overwrite this property Spark SQL CLI.

What is the best warehouse layout for your business?

Warehouse layout should be balanced on providing enough storage space and working space for staff. Effective warehouse management can’t be done without set location names for stock that have been clearly labelled. Your team should be able to look at your warehouse system and see exactly where any product is located.

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