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Frequently Asked Questions

How many warehousing service providers are there in the US?

JOC Staff |Apr 12, 2019 9:43AM EDT Each year JOC publishes a directory of nearly 200 warehousing service providers across the United States to help beneficial cargo owners and transportation providers find warehousing capacity as needed. International Logistics›Distribution Centers

When to order from Warehouse Direct in Chicago?

Order by 7pm, get your delivery the next day. No minimum size orders & free pick-up & returns. We are the lead supplier of over 13 product categories that serve Chicago's workplace needs.

How does Sqoop Import data into the warehouse Directory?

Rather than writing data into the warehouse directory, Sqoop will create a directory with the same name as the table inside the warehouse directory and import data there.

When to use warehouse Dir or target Dir?

Another advantage is, only warehouse-dir works with S3, this is very important, when you want external tables data to be stored in s3. --warehouse-dir points to the Hive folder to import data into (I've used it when importing tables wholesale) while --target-dir is needed when importing into Hive via query (sqoop errs asking for it).

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