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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is interior Warehousing Ltd?

Interior Warehousing Ltd is a regional distribution services company that serves a variety of businesses in British Columbia and across Western Canada, with special emphasis on the oil, gas, mining and pulp and paper industries.

Which is an example of a warehouse converted into a home?

The team built a loft into each extra-tall unit, and it’s clearly the perfect place to entertain friends. The modern kitchen pairs perfectly with the industrial elements in the space. 7. Former PBR Brewery The Brewery in Los Angeles is an example of a warehouse that hasn’t been converted into top-dollar housing.

What kind of furniture is in a warehouse?

Shiny wood floors, simple modern furniture, and sleek stainless-steel appliances bring this former warehouse into the future. Of course, the architects paid homage to the space’s roots by leaving behind its brick walls, which are now a warm focal point. 9. Paint Company Warehouse

Are there warehouses for rent in Los Angeles?

We can answer questions, send you a short list of options and schedule tours. By clicking Submit, you agree to our terms of user and privacy policy. Los Angeles currently features warehouses with (855) for rent.

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