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Frequently Asked Questions

What are family debt bonds in Warframe?

Familial Debt Bonds in Warframe are the rarest of the Debt Bonds found inside Fortuna. As you complete bounties—and turn in resources and credits—you can earn more of these bonds, as well as some Standing. This process of grinding out resources is pretty important, as you need to do it to access the higher-end Bounties and content.

How do I farm training debt bonds in Fortuna?

If the goal of a Bounty run is strictly to farm Training Debt Bonds, it is considered most efficient to leave after the second stage and repeat the Bounty. Training Debt Bonds can also be purchased from Ticker at Fortuna. Ticker can be found on the first floor, to the left of the initial spawn point, above The Business.

How do you get debt bonds in Orb Vallis?

Debt-bonds may be acquired from finishing Bounties in Orb Vallis as part of the common reward pools. The following is the drop table for each Debt-Bonds, as well as the bounties they are obtainable from. Debt-Bonds can also be earned by purchasing Solaris debts from Ticker .

How to get debt bonds in GTA 5 online?

How To Get Debt Bonds. The main way to get Debt Bonds is by completing Bounties on Orb Vallis. The different types of Debt Bonds can be gotten from the reward pools of different tier missions: Training Debt Bond – Tier 1. Shelter Debt Bond – Tier 2. Medical Debt Bond – Tier 3. Advances Debt Bond – Tier 4. Familial Debt Bond – Tier 5.

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