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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with Game Center?

WARGAMING.NET GAME CENTER The Game Center is part of our digital distribution platform (our game launcher app) that lets you keep all your Wargaming games in one place, read up on the latest news about upcoming features, watch videos, and find dynamite deals with ease!

Where is the Marine Corps wargaming center located?

“A wargaming center at Quantico ensures that these wargames take place at the home of Combat Development, the Warfighting Laboratory, Marine Corps University and our Acquisitions Command, and ensures that this purpose-built facility is easily accessible for all those in the National Capitol Region who similarly need this capability."

How are wargames used in the Marine Corps?

Wargames simulate realistic warfare, and may include computer-based exercises or other artificial vehicles that allow users to consider scenarios for obtaining success in a hostile environment.

How can I protect my account?

Prevent hacking and protect your account with tools that make your online experience safer than ever, including security service keys tied to your mobile phone number that allow for fast account recovery in the event that your account is compromised. With a single unified account, you’ll have direct access to all of Wargaming’s games.

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