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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the main executives of

Wargaming's key executives are Victor Kislyi, Andrew Tinney and Matias Myllyrinne. How many employees does Wargaming have? Wargaming has 3,945 employees.

Who are the competitors in business war gaming?

Competitor teams: Each competing team will play one of the company’s competitors. Like the home team, these groups will involve senior leadership officers. These players will walk in the shoes of their competitors. They can adopt strategies and exploit their knowledge of the home company’s weaknesses.

How is wargaming used in the real world?

Drawing on military wargames to simulate battlefield conditions, commercial wargaming simulates a set of business conditions and challenges executives to design successful strategies that are able to evolve with the changing nature of the environment.

What happens to control team in wargaming game?

A control team plays all other entities that affect the industry. The game begins with a prepared set of business conditions and, when the whistle blows, anything goes - that is, anything that can happen in the real world, including mergers & acquisitions and natural disasters.

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