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Frequently Asked Questions

How to un-install mods in

Un-installing the Mod is as simple as deleting the files pertaining to it from res_mods/0.X.Y and any applicable sub-directories.Backup copies of the res_mod directory before and after a successful installation are always a good idea. Many Mods may be further customized by each user to suit his or her own personal preferences.

How is wargaming used in the real world?

The Wargaming Handbookdescribes how wargaming can be used to explore issues at the national strategic, strategic, operational and tactical levels and across all domains and environments. It discusses how wargaming can be applied to education and training, planning and executive decision-making.

What is the best mod for Red Dragon (wargame)?

An unofficial patch fixes inconsistencies, balance, and AI of original game. Not an overhaul, just an enhancement mod that preserves original flavor of... This for those of us who want to fight a real horde in red dragon. This version updates all militia to have 10 cards of vastly increased quantity and...

What are the rights to the wargaming Handbook in the UK?

Wargaming Handbook Wargaming Handbook, dated August 2017, is promulgated as directed by the Chiefs of Staff Head Doctrine Conditions of release 1. This information is Crown copyright. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) exclusively owns the intellectual property rights for this publication.

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