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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good warrior names?

Good Warrior Names Briarwhisker Brownspeckle Bluemist Blackfern Blindflower Bluetail Bluefire Bluesnow Blacktail Berryfur More items...

Who are the greatest warriors in history?

The greatest warrior in Rome’s history, Caesar came to power in 59 BC. He established himself as a great visionary by leading a number of successful campaigns in Gaul, Britain and Germany.

What are the herbs in Warriors?

Nettle (Urtica dioica ssp. sondenii and Urtica dioica ssp. dioica) is such a pack of nutrients it would be a strong medal candidate if there was such thing as Olympics for herbs. This burning herb runs in the veins of our Warriors adding to the benefits of angelica and roseroot and making the ever more stronger.

How do warriors become warriors?

Warriors fight for their dreams . They create opportunities to succeed in every area of their lives. To become a warrior, you must be willing to go to war with everything in your life that is holding you back from who you are meant to become. Warriors must adopt the mentality that you can do anything and everything your soul dreams of doing.

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