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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a square washer and a spacer?

Square washers are used in different applications to keep fasteners in place. The wide, large outside diameter of fender washers makes them ideal for covering large holes. Spacers are used in applications where space is needed between a fastener and the material being fastened.

Why choose Menards® washers and spacers?

Menards® has a great selection of washers and spacers designed to handle different applications. Our high-quality washers and spacers will ensure that all the fasteners in your projects are kept securely in place.

What is the difference between USS washers and Sasae washers?

SAE washers generally have a smaller ID and OD than USS washers. These washers have exaggerated diameters and/or thicknesses for covering oversized holes or for use as spacers and levelers.

Which spacers are best for food and beverage applications?

Naturally slippery and wear resistant, acetal spacers also offer some resistance to moisture. Made of FDA-listed material, these clear spacers can be used in food and beverage applications. Use PEEK spacers as an alternative to metal spacers in high- temperature, high-stress applications. They resist chemicals, wear, and moisture.

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