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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the game washers?

Washers is an outdoor game of skill, played by two or more contestants. The game field consists of two washer pits, each containing one recessed cup of 4 inches in diameter (101.6 mm) positioned a specific distance apart, toward which players throw washers to score points.

How do you play the game washerball?

Each individual, or one member of each team, throws a washer. Whoever gets the highest points, or gets closest to a hole, chooses if they want go first or second. Players may either stand on, or next to the board. The foul line is at the front of each board. Each player will throw their washers from the same side, to the opposite board.

What are the rules of the washers game?

The rules are pretty much the same as for every washers game. Just follow the basic ones like alternating players, only one player scores per round and end the round when each of the players has pitched all four washers. It seems like the game is most fun when you include point cancelation.

How do you play washer and dryer throw?

Each player throws two washers toward the opposite cup with starting order determined by a diddle. Subsequent throwing order is based on who scored last with the scorer throwing first. In games with a standard pit, players may stand anywhere inside the pit when throwing.

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