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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cities in Washington State?

The best cities in Washington ranked by Walk Score are Seattle, Tacoma, and Burien, while the least walkable cities are Cottage Lake, Graham, and Frederickson.

Is Washington State a red or blue state?

The geography is no surprise. The country is split between red states in the West and South — with Idaho and Kansas on the red side with Alabama — and blue states on the coasts and in the Midwest. Minnesota and Oregon join Washington at the blue end of the spectrum.

What is the unemployment rate in WA?

Washington. 4.9% . U.S. 4.2%. 1970-2019. Historically, the unemployment rate in Washington has been higher than the U.S. average, due primarily to a relatively high share of resource-based industries in the state which have more volatile seasonal employment patterns.

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