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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to watch 'in the heights'?

While there is no way to stream In the Heights online free, the film is available exclusively on HBO Max. The streaming service recently lowered its monthly subscription prices so you can watch In the Heights on HBO Max starting at just $9.99 a month here. Sign up for HBO Max once and you can watch In the Heights online as many times as you want.

When will 'in the heights' be on HBO Max?

In The Heights will release in theaters and on HBO Max on the same day: Thursday, June 10. The film will stream on HBO Max for 31 days. That means you can watch In the Heights right now!

Where was 'in the heights' filmed?

In the Heights was filmed on location in the upper Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights, in New York City. It’s the neighborhood where composer Lin-Manuel Miranda grew up and still lives to this day. Where is Washington Heights? Washington Heights is located in New York City’s Manhattan borough, north of Harlem and south of Inwood.

What year does 'in the heights' take place?

Although historically it makes sense that In The Heights took place in July 2008, what with Manny Ramirez being in town, the show began previews on 14 February 2008, months before the baseball game against the Yankees. The northeast blackout of 2003 took place on 14 August 2003, where the Eastern Seaboard had a major power outage.

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