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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to tour the Waterford Crystal factory?

Guided tours of Waterford Crystal Factory last about 50 minutes and must be pre-booked. The tour take you behind the scenes to see the mould-making, glass-blowing, sculpting, cutting and engraving processes. 4. Opening hours and admission

What is Waterford Crystal?

Originally founded by George and William Penrose in 1783, Waterford crystal is world-renowned for quality and beauty. Have you seen someone blow molten crystal into a vase? Check out the factory tour. Visitors are guided through the factory to see experienced craftsmen at work, creating new crystal pieces.

What is in the House of Waterford Crystal retail store?

The retail store represents everything that is made in crystal, including a showcase on golf and sport, which is a major part of the international business at the House of Waterford Crystal. The main feature in the retail store is a centre dining table, with twelve Waterford Crystal Chandeliers on display.

What is there to do in Waterford?

A visit to the Waterford Crystal Factory is one of the more popular things to do in Waterford. Waterford City is synonymous with the crystal making industry that bears its name. From the 18th century, glass-making brought huge prosperity and employment to this historic port city.

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