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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify Waterford Crystal?

One of the main ways to identify a true Waterford pattern is to check that it is lead crystal. This company produces only crystal products, which is an easy identifier. Hold the piece up to the light and observe whether it creates a rainbow prism where the light passes through it. If it does, it is crystal.

How to identify Waterford Crystal?

Identify Waterford Crystal by Stickers You can also identify Waterford crystal by the paper or foil sticker that is placed on the piece. Older pieces will feature a gold sticker with Waterford’s green seahorse logo. You can search for authentic images online to contrast and compare.

How do crystals form patterns?

Crystals are solids that form when particles join in a regular repeating pattern. Crystals form much like the forming of clusters of soap bubbles with the bubbles representing the particles in a crystal. The bubbles stack together forming a cluster.

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