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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Waterford's goal?

Our goal is for Waterford to always be more than a subdivision of acquaintances and strangers – it’s for Waterford to be a community that values and enjoys our time with our neighbors.

What is the Waterford Facebook group?

Facebook Group . A Facebook group ( Waterford) has been established for our residents to raise and discuss issues of a more immediate nature. If you have a Facebook account (this is a requirement), you can reach the group by clicking here or by logging into Facebook and searching (from the upper left search box) for “Waterford.”

Why choose Waterford Downs apartment homes?

The spectacular one and two bedroom Waterford Downs Apartment Homes in the heart of Creve Coeur, a Saint Louis metropolitan area, are freshly renovated for a luxurious living experience in a tranquil, resort-like setting. Being in the center of it all has never been so relaxing.

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