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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any waterproof electrical connectors for motorcycles?

CESFONJER 15 Kit Car Wire Connector, Waterproof Electrical Terminal, Plug for Auto Motorcycle Scooter Truck Marine Plug Socket Kit, 2 Pin × 5 Kit, 3 Pin × 5 Kit, 4 Pin × 5 Kit. . . . ... Need help?

What kind of 12 volt plugs do I Need?

TRAC 69441 Trolling Motor High-Current Connector Kit The TRAC 69441 Trolling Motor Connector Kit allows to upgrade your trolling motor connectors to high-current 12V or 24V power. This complete kit comes with everything you need including quick-connect...

What are the connectors for a 12 volt cigarette lighter?

[2 PACK] 12v 12Volt Replacement Cigarette Lighter Male Plug with Leads - Car Adapter Dc Battery Charger Kit Connectors Cigar Plugs Power Supply Accessories Heavy Duty Cord Auto Cable Led Light 15Amp . . . . .

How to plug in a sea dog 12V power socket?

Sea Dog Deluxe 12V Power Socket Features: Add power easily almost anywhere. Drill a 1-1/8" hole, insert the socket body and tighten down the locking nut. Connect the wires and your done. Plug includes LED light to indicate when powered. Maximum...

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