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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wayne State a community college?

Wayne Community College is a community college located in Goldsboro, North Carolina. It consists of nine buildings, with a campus area of over 287,000 square feet (27,000 m²).

Where is Wayne Community College in Michigan?

Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) is a community college district with its headquarters in Downtown Detroit, Michigan.

What is a community college program?

A community college (also known as a junior college) is a higher education institution that provides a two year curriculum that can include leading to an associate’s degree. Other programs in place include a transfer program towards a four year degree and occupational programs (one and two year programs of study).

What is a Community College Grant?

Community College Grants. Grant money is, essentially, free money. It can be used to cover tuition costs, books, and other school-related expenses. Navigating through the federal Grant world can be time-consuming, but it is well worth it as an investment in your education and your future.

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