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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for a probate court in Wayne County?

Search the Wayne County Probate Court site (wcpc). Enter your search criteria and click search. The search engine is provided by an outside party.

How is the Wayne County probate and juvenile court handling covid-19 cases?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wayne County Probate and Juvenile Court is converting some hearings to occur via video conferencing through Zoom or teleconference. The following are criteria that the Court considers when converting the hearing to a video conference or whether to issue a continuance instead:

What is a probate case in Ohio?

Probate Court is a division of the Courts of Common Pleas in Ohio. Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction over certain special types of cases: estates, guardianships of incompetent persons and minors, name changes of adults and minors, and adoptions. The Probate Court also issues marriage licenses.

How much does it cost to file probate?

Probate Fees Inventory Fee Inventory Fee Calculator *If an invento ... Inventory Fee Calculator *If an invento ... Inventory Fee Calculator *If an invento ... Guardianship Petitions $175.00 $175.00 Conservatorship Petitions $175.00 $175.00 Protective Order $175.00 $175.00 18 more rows ...

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