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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best company to buy banners?

Bing Banners is the best. Great service, prices and turnaround. Bingbanners always provides high quality products in timely manner and go above and beyond to meet any deadlines that we may have and our customers love the quality of the products!

Where can I buy gold coins and bullion?

We refine your gold to manufacture jewelry, create gold bars and trade it with our affiliates. Consequently, this allows us to offer you one the largest selection of coins, bullion, and numismatics. Visit our stores today and sell your unwanted gold jewelry and then invest in precious metal bars and bullion.

How is dye used to make vinyl banners?

Under high temperature and pressure, the dye turns into a gas and permeates the fabric and then solidifies into its fibers. The fabric is permanently dyed so it can be washed without damaging the quality of the image.

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