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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Sell my Gold?

The short answer is yes. You can sell gold that you find. Unfortunately, selling gold isn’t always a simple process. You will need to go to a local gold buyer with your verified item and they will offer you a price for it. The price will be based on the weight and the purity of the gold that is being sold.

How do you sell gold for cash?

The most convenient and easy way to sell your gold is through an online gold broker. Using an online gold broker to get cash for your gold eliminates the need to search for a reputable local gold broker, which may be difficult to find in smaller markets and rural areas, while also saving you time and money.

Should I Sell my gold coins?

Choose the gold coin to sell. Some gold coins are easier to sell than others, particularly depending on your location. Some have purity guarantees, and can even be added to retirement accounts. The rarer coins are more difficult to sell, because grading can be both difficult and debatable.

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